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440-944-6161, Toll Free 1-888-307-7408, F 440-943-9593 ;


USED EQUIPMENT FOR SALE – we own or have available at great prices – too many items to list, many items not pictured in galleries, call us with any needs not listed or represented in pictures.

Do YOU have equipment in working condition to sell?


BARREL LINE – Inquire; Gallery


Anode Baskets -  1) 24" L x 4.5" diam, Tit., handle hook, perf.;1) 2 x 6 x 38", 6" Tit., hook, perf.; 12) 2.5 x 6 x 50 Tit. 4"hook, perf., need a little work; 3) 2.5" x 6" x 31" Expanded Tit. 4" hook; 2) 2.5" x 6" x  23" perforated Tit. 4" hook; 3) 2.5" x 6" x  23" expanded Tit. 4" hook; 5) 2.5" x 6" x  20" expanded Tit. 4" hook; 48) 36” x 2.5” x 6” titanium; See Gallery


Baskets Dipping –  


Barrels, Plating – 8 Singleton Barrels 18 x 32 with frame, 1/4in and 3/32 in. perfs; 2) 14x25 PP barrels very nice; 1) 18" x 42"  Barrel with structure, fine perfs; See Gallery


Blasters -  Trinco 4-hole Sand Blast machine, very good condition; Tumble blaster 6 cubic feet, Goff, with pre-wash and Torit dust collector, very excellent condition, low hours SOLD; Goff 2BB Tumble Blaster 2001, 2 cubic feet capacity; See Gallery


Blowers, Fans – 5hp Exhaust blower, 11" in and out; NY pressure Blower #1406Alum 2hp 650cfm dual voltage; Rotron #DR6089 5hp dual voltage; Spencer  Model 0753-1AD 5hp 450CFM;.  See Gallery


Boilers – Dunkirk Plymouth Model #PWX-9VNT2, 224,000btu output, gas, steam 15psi or water 50psi excellent condition; 2)Utica IBR nat. gas fired hot water boilers, 243,000btu, 7.25hp, Like New condition;   Cleaver Brooks 40hp, 2013, 4-pass dry back, gas, steam, 15psi, re-tubed, perfect; Fulton Pulse 45hp, Model PHW-1400CM, 1999, 50psi water, gas; 2) Fulton Pulse PHW2000LE, 2005, Nat. Gas, 1800mbtu output, 160psi, Gov'mnt surplus great shape; Hurst Steam Boiler MN S45-6-37.5-15, 37 HP, 15 psi, Natural Gas Fired, 1500 mbtu input; See Gallery and List links on Home Page


Buffers, Polishers, Lathes, Sanders - Many in stock; 3 G&P SS-700 OD Polishing Lathe dual 1-1/4" shafts 2hp, with belt grinder adaptors; 1 Polishing Lathe Divine Brothers Manufacturing 5hp Dual 1-1/4" shafts; 7 grinders/buffers; 8  ID Polishers/Lathes w/ AC inverter VF drives 3hp; Wilton Sander 4210, 6” belt, 10” disc, excellent cond.; 3 Torit Downdraft Tables 4'x6', DB-3000 5hp with back, excellent condition (2 Sold); See Gallery


Chillers & Cooling Towers – Chiller 6.06T Conair Aircooled 7.5hp Excellent condition; 80T ICS with Tank Pump, air cooled, 460V, very good condition, recent compressors replacement, low price SOLD; 400T Carrier Air Cooled GTN420A-620AH; Two 60T Cooling Tower CTS 720,000 BTU; 10 Ton McQuay Condenser Unit, never used; 16 Ton McQuay Condenser Unit, never used; 10Ton Carrier air cooled chiller, MN# 30RAN010, 2007, only 1652 hours 479 starts, 460V; See Gallery


Chrome Purification, Reduction Systems – Reasco CrPur-6 SOLD


Clarifier, Gravity Settler, or Thickener – many available – 7gpm PolyPro slant-plate clarifier 4'x4'x5'6"tall; 25gpm slant-plate, 4'x11'x8'tall, flock, mixer, etc.; 8' x 9' high PP Cone-bottom Tank, 2,500gal. w/ very durable metal frame and stand; Sludge Thickening PolyPro Cone Bottom Tanks, 500 and 1,000gal. stock; Siemens 50gpm clarifier very good shape, floc tank, etc., extra new plate packs; Hoffland 40gpm, PLC, all equipment, deep sludge holding, floc and neutralization; WWE 60 gpm Lamella style; 60gpm Lamella style very good condition, 8.5 x 8.5 x 13.5' ht.; 20-30gpm Hydrokinetics Waste treatment system with clarifier, settling, floc, 4cf filter press, meters, pumps, controller, etc SOLD;  20 gpm Hoffland Environmental Waste Treatment System, SOLD;  Hoffland Environmental, 225 to 500 gpm, model 1000/60C with sludge thickener section, $29,500 SOLD; See Gallery and List link on Home Page


 Coils, Heating Coils, Chilling Coils, many available – See Gallery

1.      Many 3-5' 2 to 4 pass Serpentine Coils, SS, Tit., Zirconium;

2.      Many Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers;

3.      1 Steel 6' x 4'6" 21 pass grid coil 21" riser, 1-1/4" connections;

4.      2 Steel 11' x 3', 12 pass grid coils, 21" riser, 1-1/4" connections;

5.      1 SS 11' x 3', 12 pass grid coils, 21" riser, 1-1/4" connections;

6.      2 steel plate coils 4' x 11", 6 pass, 13" riser, 1-1/4" connections;

7.      13 Titanium and SS Grid, Plate, Embossed coils, from 4’ to 8’ length;

8.      2  Titanium Grid Coils for deep tank, could convert to horizontal, 10’ x 2’, 15 pass, 40sf heat exchange area;


Compressors – Inquire;


Conveyors -  monorail equipment, Richard Wilcox, Unibilt;


DI Units – Inquire;


Dryer Tanks - 2) 12' x 3' x6'8" deep, Steel, partially complete, need burners and fans; see tanks gallery


Dust Collectors, Downdraft Tables - 3 Torit Downdraft Tables, 4' x 6' excellent condition; 1 Hammond 5hp three bag Dust Collector;


E-Coat Lines and Equipment – inquire;

Evaporators -  1 Chrome Evaporator; 1 Emtec; 1 Super MaxEvap SOLD; 1 MaxEvap, 2 Brucar


Generators - Caterpillar 100KW working condition SOLD; Caterpillar 800KW working condition SOLD


Filter Presses – See Gallery and List links on Home Page

1.      4 cubic foot, 12 chambers 630mm  gasketed plates, chute, good condition. $6,000.00

2.      1.25 cubic feet, non-gasketed, manual operation, 11 470mm plates, good condition  $3,000.00

3.      4 Cubic Foot, Pac-Press, gasketed, 630mm, Automatic, Hydraulic auto-closure, excellent condition SOLD

4.      5.5 cubic foot filter press, gasketed, Eimco-Shriver, automatic, full hydraulic, hopper, excellent condition. $9,000.00

5.      Metchem 15cubic feet gasketed 800mm plate shifter excellent condition $19,000.00

6.      JWI 3.3 cf 630mm gasketed 10 chambers air over hydraulic very good condition $8,500.00

7.      Kontec 2CF, reconditioned, new cloths, etc., works great, $5,750.00


Filtration Equipment, Filters all kinds – *Magnetec Filter by ZGF, Maggie Filter; Asahi, EN-805-A, permanent filter, 2,500gph; Sethco 7 Cartridge, 30" housing, 1/3hp mag-drive, dual voltage, PP Pump; PenguinFilter  P 3C-1A (2),  P10-2A (1);  Sparkler 12-18; Industrial 111.221 Vertical Plate filter w/ Camac Pump, nice SOLD; Warrender Chemag GFC15001PP 4500gph; Several Serfilco 1, 3, and 7 cartridge filter housings, 20" to 30"; See Gallery


Fork Lifts, Tow Motors - Toyota 5000# triple mast LPG $6,000; Toyota 5000# double mast LPG $5,000; Nissan 4,700# double mast LPG needs brakes $3,500; Fork Extension Short $200; Fork Extension long $300; See Gallery


Grating, Catwalk - New fiberglass, while it lasts, $9.00 per square foot; Inquire


Heaters, Electric Immersion Heaters –

3 Process Technology SS Over The Side Heaters S4229P2 w/ temp. controls;

3 Process Technology Quartz Heaters with guards QM3.5229CPQ1 w/ Temp. Controls;

Six 30 amp and 50 amp Process Technology Thermostats and Combination controls;  

Three Process Technology 29” 304SS 2KW over the side heaters

1 Beckart Environmental 72" 9-element Teflon heater

See Gallery


Heat Exchangers - 33.6sf Tranter Superchanger; 198sf SS Tranter Superchanger; 235sf SS Tranter Superchanger; Two 273sf SS Tranter Superchangers; Two 473sf SS Tranter Superchangers; 147.2sf Tranter Superchanger; Alfa Laval 54sf, 59.25sf and 59.25sf ; See Gallery


Hoists - 2 Semi-automatic Monelco 1T Belt-drive hoists for rack line (made for the 9' Tanks in Tanks section), 460V, 1800/64, 900/32, $5,500.00ea.; Ten chain hoists in sizes 1/4 to 3T, Mixed brands; 1000 pound Jessup Automatic with controls, etc. SOLD.  See  Gallery


Horizontal Filters - Slim Line 24-30; Slim Line 36-30; More


Lab Equipment – Complete Decorative Chrome Lab, everything needed, thickness testers, hardness testers, rectifiers, ovens, hot plate, spinners, glassware etc; Please Inquire


Mixers - Lightnin 1.5hp 6'6" shaft dual 7" impeller; 4 matching 1hp JWI 8" impellers, 3 shafts 36", 1 shaft 4'6"; 1) 1 hp Lightnin 3'9" shaft dbl 5" impeller; 3) 0.5hp Lightnin with 30" shafts, 4" impeller; 3 air powered process mixers SOLD; Eastern Mixer excellent cond. 0.25 hp.; Beckart Environmental mixer, 7' 316SS shaft, two 13" impellers;  See Gallery


Ovens for sale; Bake, Burn Off, Etc. – Oven Wisconsin 500deg, 480V,10x6x8Ht, have but never used the floor, With Manual; Grieve B1-750 54x54x72” High inside; Cincinnati 500 deg. 8Wx9Dx8H; Grieve 5x5x4 350 deg. Gas; Others, inquire; See Gallery



NEW 2016 made for Alodine process, 10 tanks total, 8 tanks 1"PP Copolymer 12' x 3' x 6'8" deep, spargers, drains, overflows, plus 2 matching SS dryer tanks, hoists and saddles available;

18 x 36 Barrel Line, 21 stations, Zn and chromates, auto. hoist, rectifier, 3 spin dryers, 2 Mefiag filters, all accessories, plus 55gpm waste treatment, complete, with Chrome, Cyanide; EP line, 9 tanks 3x3ovflw, 72x52x48D, 1"PP, some ventilation, accessories; SS Carousel Built for EP, 10 tanks, 23" front, 10" back, 20" sides, 30" deep, all guts in order, working condition; Other Plating Lines Inquire See Gallery and List links on Home Page


Polishers, Buffers - See Buffers....; Call, many


Powder Coat Equipment - Inquire


Pumps;  Centrifugal, Diaphragm, Magnetic, Vertical, Horizontal, All Materials; Wilden 1.5" PP and Teflon very good condition $650.00; Wilden 1/2" AOD Diaphragm PP and Teflon (8); Penguin FPI new surplus SOLD; P-3AK-3 SOLD; P-5CK-3 Surplus $1,000 SOLD; Many Double Diaphragm Pumps Sandpiper, ARO, Wilden & Versamatic 1/2" - 3” PP, SS, Aluminum, & Iron; 2) 5hp, 1) 7.5hp Price SS horizontal centrifugal pumps, Teflon seals; FinishThompson SP15V-T-M209, 3hp, 117gpm, 81 ft.head, with manual, 1.5”x1.5” FNPT,  probably never used. Mag drive, self priming. Can lift up to 25 feet.

 See Gallery


RECTIFIERS - *Recent additions, Dozens of rectifiers from 500 - 24,000amp 6-400V; Examples below.  See Gallery and List links on Home Page



1.      *10,000amp Dynapower 12V, 240vac, water cooled, Scr, older model maintained works well

2.      *5,000amp Dynapower, 9V, 240Vac, water, SCR 1988 maintained works well

3.      *5,000amp Dynapower, 12V, 240vac, water, SCR older model maintained works well

4.      5000amp Rapid, 0-100V 220 air  SCR/rem;

5.      5000amp Rapid 0-24V 230vac air scr/rem;

6.      3000ampAldonex, 75V 230 air  SCR SOLD;

7.      3000amp 12V 220vac air;

8.      2500amp Rapid 12V 220v air Tap Rebuilt SOLD;

9.      2000amp Darrah 0-24V 240v air scr/rem rebuilt SOLD;

10.  2000amp Rapid 18V 220vac air cooled, Tap, to be refurbished;

11.  2000amp Dynapower 3-12V 220v air Tap used;

12.  2000amp Aldonex 3-12V 220v air Tap used;

13.  *2000amp Darrah, 12V, 230vac, air, tap

14.  *2,000amp Dynapower, 12V, 240vac, water cooled, SCR, 1986 maintained works well

15.  *2,000amp Dynapower, 12V, 240vac, water cooled, SCR, 1990 maintained works well

16.  *2,000amp Dynapower, 6V, 240vac, water cooled, SCR,  maintained works well

17.  *1,500amp Aldonex, 15V, 220vac, air cooled, scr/remote

18.  1500amp 12V 220vac air;

19.  1000amp Rapid 0-100V 220vac air scr/rem;

20.  *1000amp Belke, 15V, 480 vac with 240V step down transformer, air scr/remote

21.  2)1000amp 12V 230v air Tap;

22.  *1,000amp Aldonex, 0-6V, 230vac, air, scr without remote

23.  750amp Rapid 24V 230vac air scr;

24.  500amp Rapid 6V 220v air scr;

25.  250amp Clinton 6V 230vac 1ph air powerstat;

26.  4) 200amp Rapid 0-12V 115vac air scr/rem NEW ;

27.  *100amp Udylite 0-6V, 220vac, air, tap switch

28.  30amp 30V 220vac Dalic Powerstst;

29.  many 25amp to 200amp, 10V to 30V, 110v to 240v, all air, various controls and makes;



1.      2) 25,000amp Dynapower 15V 460vac, water cooled, scr/rem, 2002 very clean well maintained w/ripple filter;

2.      *(2) 15,000amp 21V 480vac air cooled SCR on board, semi-auto Reverse;

3.      *15,000amp, 15V 480vac air cooled SCR on board, manual reverse;

4.      *10,000amp 15V 480vac air cooled SCR on board, auto. Reverse and ripple filter, LIKE NEW;

5.      3) 8000amp Rapid 12V and 9V 480vac 2 are water, one is air, scr/rem, one is reconditioned with reverse – NICE;

6.      *(2) 8000amp 9V 480vac air cooled SCR w/ remote;

7.      *(3) 6,000amp 0-12V 480vac air cooled SCR w/ remote;

8.      * 6000amp Dynapower 0-9V, 460vac, water cooled, scr w/ remote

9.      5000amp Dynapower 9V 480vac air scr;

10.  *5000amp Control Power 30V 440vac water cooled, SCR w/remote, Like New;

11.  *(4) 4000amp 0-6V 460vac air cooled SCR w/ remote;

12.  4000amp Dynapower 24V 440vac water scr;

13.  4000amp Rapid 12V480v air Tap rebuilt;

14.  3000amp Rapid 24V 480v air scr SN 801156;

15.  3000amp Dynapower 12V 480v air scr/rem. rebuilt;

16.  2500amp Rapid 9V 480v air scr;

17.  2000amp San Rex 12V 480v air scr;

18.  2000amp Rapid 9V 480v air Tap;

19.  *1,500amp 75V 480vac air cooled SCR w/ remote, very good condition;

20.  1500amp Rapid 0-18V 440vac air tap;

21.  2) 1500amp Rapid and Dynapower 12V 480vac air scr;

22.  1500amp Rapid 0-6V 480vac air scr;

23.  1000amp Dynapower 0-30V 440vac water scr/rem;

24.  1000amp 0-24V 440vac air tap;

25.  *1000amp Belke, 15V, 480vac, air, scr w/ remote

26.  2) 1000amp Rapids 12V 480v air scr;

27.  *1000amp Darrah, 6V, 480 vac, air cooled, Scr, new remote;

28.  750amp Rapid, 24V 440vac, air scr;

29.  *(5) 750 amp Darrah, quadruple 6V in each cabinet, 480vac, air cooled, Scr, new remotes;

30.  *500amp Clinton, 5-9V, 480vac, air, Scr on board, amp hour meter;

31.  *(6) 500amp 75V 480vac air cooled SCR w/remote EXCELLENT condition;

32.  500amp Rapid 24V 440vac air scr;

33.  500amp Rapid 9-12V 480v air Powerstat reconditioned;

34.  *(2) 250amp Aldonex, 0-9V, 480vac, water, scr, Very Nice;

35.  100amp and 150amp Rapids 9, 12, and 15v 460v air;


RO Units - 17GPM Complete System; Inquire


Scrubbers, Fume, Air –Viron 60,000cfm, just removed from plant, will find matching blower; Viron 10,000CFM Chromic Acid SOLD; KCH 6000cfm for Chrome, ductwork and two hoods; Vanaire 3000cfm chrome scrubber, complete with Interceptor, stack, $6,000.00;


Sludge Dryers – J Mate 180G; Conrec 15 cubic ft Steam Batch SOLD; JWI batch 5 cf


Spin Dryers; 3)New Holland 12 x 12, 2 with electric heat; 23 x 18 to be refurbished; 18 x 18 New Holland; 12 x 18, SOLD; 18 x 18 (3), SOLD;  See Gallery


Tanks, Plating and Process; 3 Chrome tanks, 8’ x 6’ x 15’ deep, lined steel; 22 steel tanks, 12) 9 x 4 x 7' deep, 7) 9 x 3 x 7'deep, 2) 8'deep, 1) 5.5'deep, most are fiberglass lined; 8) NEW Nalgene PP 12' x 3' x 6'8" deep, w/ spargers, overflows, etc., and 2 NEW SS dryer tanks to match; 2) NEW Dryer tanks, 12' x 3' x 6'8" deep, 4" thermal walls, 121,000btu, 1,757cfm, steam or water; 12 tanks  6'x3'x4'deep 1" PP, encapsulated girth to lip, 9 singles, 3 doubles; 73' x 73" x 48" PP excellent cond.; Various SS tanks excellent cond., 4 feet to 10 feet long, 2' to 4' wide, 30" to 4' deep; 2 PP tanks, 1", 8x8x6 and 10 x 10 x 4; Fiberglass tank 72 x 72 x 48D 2 station; Fiberglass tank 72 x 94 x 48D 3 station; 2 steel rubber lined tanks 72 x 36 x 36 ; Mild Steel Electro-clean 72 x 54 x 43 with bussing and anodes; See Gallery and List links on Home Page


Tanks, Storage and Treatment  - 8' x 9' high Cone-bottom Tank, 2,500gal. w/ very durable metal frame and stand; Sludge Thickening PolyPro Cone Bottom Tanks, 500 and 1,000gal. stock;  2 PP Storage Tanks 8'Diam x 9'Tall 2"ball valve & manhole; Many, all sizes; See Gallery and List links on Home Page


Transformer, Switch-Gear - 1000KVA 4,800primary,480/277secondary transformer still in operation; 15,000volt Park Interrupter Switch-Gear  SOLD


UV Sterilizers -  Aquafine CSL - 8R/60 quant. 2; See Gallery


Vibratory, Tumbling Equipment - 2) 34" x 45" barrel tumblers, two chambers; 28" x 72" barrel tumblr; 48” bowl with grit, good shape;


Waste Treatment Systems; 55 GPM Parkson clarifier, 3 cf gasketed JWI press, neutralization, mixers, pumps, pH controls, collection and add tanks, complete, in operation; Hoffland 40gpm, PLC, all equipment, deep sludge holding, floc and neutralization; All Types Of Equipment See Gallery


Welding Equipment - Miller SynchroWave 250 Welder; 3 WeldLogic systems


X-Ray Fluorescence Machine - SOLD See Gallery


MORE - Please Call!


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